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November Update: Rigging Done

So here it is for now, my successful 2D walking animation, alongside weapons and a shield.  Thanks to Brash Monkeys, makers of Spriter, for the pointers…

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This Process Was Totally Rigged!

One of the things I always tell my students is to identify the high-risk areas of the project that simply thinking about raises your anxiety levels and prioritise those parts rather than leaving them until last and discovering they require more time than you have left.

It had occurred to me that the most efficient way to implement all humanoid characters in Grail Wars was via a 2D skeleton, with all components being swapped out depending on player choice allowing for lots of permutations of characters, equipment, weapons and allowing all the NPCs to have the level of interactivity I really want to bring to this game. Currently sprite sheets are being used for the animations, but they are already proving unwieldy as a single character needs 80 frames just for a 10 fps walkcycle.

Rigging is ...

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