What is the Grail War?

Grail War is an Ultima-inspired RPG set in an Arthurian Britain of myths and legends, where magic is rampant and the Pagan faiths blend with the nascent Christian faith. It is a time of high adventures and idealism, not a time of low prejudice.

Play as a newly dubbed knight, led to the lands of Listeneisse by portentous omens, fighting against the vile forces of Clinschor and the blasphemous powers he has wrought. As you accrue experience and glory will you follow Arthur’s principles of knighthood, the path of Christianity, the lore of the Old Faiths or will you abhor virtue and cut a bloody swathe ruthlessly?

Grail Wars is inspired by the works of Sir Thomas Malory, Howard Pyle, Richard Monaco, Greg Stafford and Tima Newman.

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